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Let’s change sheep and goat farming with precision farming and an IoT platform! We can help you with weight, health, disease, and farm management. It’s time for you to automate your farming and focus on profit.


Problems in Sheep and Goat Farming

Some of the Common problems faced by Sheep and Goat farmers.

Monitoring the health and behavior of their animals in real time

Unclear feeding and watering schedules

Difficulty recognizing signs of animal distress or discomfort.

Less Knowledge on breeding and lambing information

Not enough Technology to Monitor and control climate conditions in their farms

Fail to track and improve overall farm performance

Weight Management

Managing Weight of the your animal is a really difficult job. If Understanding weight and then feeding them based on their wight is what weight management really about


Giving goats and sheep too much food can make them obese and cause joint pain and metabolic disorders.


Not giving goats and sheep enough food can cause malnutrition and slow growth, which can hurt their health and productivity.


Worms and other parasites can make goats and sheep lose weight, become anemic, and eat less.

Inadequate nutrition

Not giving goats and sheep the right vitamins and minerals can lead to slow growth and poor weight gain.

Inadequate exercise

Not letting goats and sheep exercise enough can make them lose muscle mass and gain weight.

Genetic factors

Some goat and sheep breeds are naturally smaller or larger than others, which can affect weight management.

How Rearly helps

Rearly helps you in managing the weight of your sheep and goat in a quick, easy, and effective way. No more rigorous weighing methods for your animals.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor animal weight and health data in real-time using IoT devices to detect early signs of weight problems such as parasites or inadequate nutrition.

Remote Management

Allow farmers to manage the feeding and exercise routines of their animals from anywhere using IoT-based systems with their Mobile Phones

Analytics and Insights

Provide farmers with analytics and insights on animal behavior, and feed intake to make informed decisions about weight management strategies.

Genetic Selection Assistance

Assist farmers in selecting the right breed of goats and sheep for their farm, considering factors such as natural size and weight.

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